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About Max

I am Max Hoeboer, a 25 year old web designer & engineer.
I recently obtained my Dual Master of Science degree in Integrated Product Design with the Medisign specialisation, and BioMedical Engineering with the Medical Instruments and Medical Safety specialisation at the Technical University of Delft.

The scope for which I design is very broad, but my main interest goes to solving complex problems for the medical sector. This is also why I decided to do a Double Degree and specialize in the designing of medical devices.

Prosthetic Socket

For many people with a transhumeral defect, wearing a prosthesis is not as straight forward as it may sound. This as it often results in discomfort and skin conditions due to low perspiration possibilities and high pressure levels.

To counter these problem, and make prosthetics more comfortable to wear, me and one other student conceptualized and fully prototyped a dynamic socket that can alter pressure and contact points over time.

BioMedical Engineering - 2017

Philips HealthLearn

As the final project of my bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft I created a smart-watch in cooperation with Philips Healthcare, called the HealthLearn.

The aim of the HealthLearn concept is to allow self empowerment of chronically ill COPD patients. For the development I have focused on both the technical development and the desired interaction with elderly.

Industrial Design Engineering - 2015


For the HEMA Design Contest, I have designed a bottle with a new kind of interaction.

Instead of having to fill your bottle throughout the day with lemonade or juice to mix with your water, this bottle contains a compartment for this so you only have to add water to the bottle and press the flexible button on the bottom of the bottle to give a flavor (Smaakje) to your day!

Industrial Design Engineering - 2015

Potato Peeler

In this assignment the goal was to take an aged patent for a mechanically driven Potato Peeler and to redesign this into a modern product, with a new interaction and fitting the brand of Eva Solo.

My individual assignment was to design a mechanism that allows the desired interaction of pushing down the main button to power the Potato Peeler.

Industrial Design Engineering - 2014


For many people with busy schedules, going to their local pharmacy to pick up medication can be real burden.

Therefore, I developed a new concept called PharmaPacking for Boston Group that enables the ordering, save storing and retreival of medication at more convenient locations with longer opening hours.

Integrated Product Design - 2016

IO Festival 2015

A website developed for the annual Industrial Design Festival in Delft. For this, various interactive elements, such as the logo shown here, were designed and developed.

Eventhough the site is not used anymore, the interactive logo is still very nice.

De Watergeus

A website developed for the outdoors activity company De Watergeus in Spaarnwoude. The fully customized website enables the company to offer a variety of activities, allows the visitors to create their own arrangements, and automates most processes for reservations, including payments and invoices.

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Govert Janse

A fully customized, and fully responsive portfolio website created for Govert Janse. The website is constantly iterated on, and can be maintained using a personal Content Management System.

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